This web site offers random items extracted from Wikipedia. These items can be used to fill-in a mock database or web site, or for testing purpose.


The data are organized into tables that model real world objects, like a user profile (with name, address, e-mail, gender, etc.), a company (name, logo, country, web site url, number of employees, etc.), a battle (name, date, description, etc.), and so on.

Fields contain either short information (name, date, address, author, latitude, longitude,…), url to pictures hosted on Wikimedia servers (photos, maps, flags…), or longer texts like whole Wikipedia pages in plain text (wiki syntax) or html format.

The data are extracted from Wikipedia, so they are (mostly) consistent:

For some tables, a Wikipedia ID is provided, so you can link to the original Wikipedia page.

List of tables

Available tables:

You can download the data at github.

More documention

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These data are designed to be used as fill-in data, for mock databases and websites or to test a setup with example data. Even if they are extracted from Wikipedia and so represent some state of the real world, they are not meant as a source of information. Some of these data are plainly incorrect, either because they have been faked (addresses, e-mails, etc.) or because the information found on Wikipedia was not correct or it has been badly retrieved.