Random Items

Want some data to fill out your mock site or test your database setup?

Here you find easily accessible data and facts randomly extracted from Wikipedia.

Download them as plain text, csv or json files!

Rest API

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Simple lists

Get a list of random facts, like names, emails, countries, book titles, companies logos, fable descriptions?


Build rows of coherent data, like user profile information, or city names with their zipcode, country, coordinates, mayor...

Free Form Data

Write custom templates to get exactly what you need, for example an xml catalogue with products grouped by their type.

Long (html) texts

Get longer texts and html codes to simulate blog posts or articles. These are random wikipedia articles.


Links to picture with captions or photos associated with other data (profiles, flags, photos).

On a map!

Visualize random locations (buildings, lakes, cities, countries) on a map!


Simple lists

Just want a list of random items?

Choose between dozens of elements: names, emails, car models, cities, book titles, hobbies, etc.

Some list have filters: for example, you can choose feminine or masculine first names, or French or Greek sounding names

Some fields are auto-generated on the fly like integers, ids, dates...

For example, a list of emails:




Want coherent data organized in rows and columns?

Choose predefined tables (user profiles, produt catalogue, companies data, etc.) or build your own.

For example, some columns of user profiles:

name         gender birth       city         zip    state/region          country
Bomar     Mary    f 1988-01-10  Buckeye      85396  Arizona               United States
Chaabouni Habiba  f 1966-07-29  Strasbourg   67000  Grand Est             France
Fialková  Paulína f 1981-12-02  San Jose     95126  California            United States
Heck      Clive   m 1994-04-22  Hialeah      33012  Florida               United States
Jaswal    Seema   f 1942-10-14  Créteil      94000  Île-de-France         France
Rogers    Edwina  f 1955-11-06  Villeurbanne 69100  Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes  France

Choose a predefined table:

Fields to be included?


Free Form Data

Want complex stuff?

Write your own template with loops, groupings and nested items.

For example, an xml catalogue of products:

   <category name="book">
      <item no="1" id="ojJmO9Cb">
         <title>Guitar Zero</title>
         <author>Gary Marcus</author>
         <picture>Guitar Zero book cover.png</picture>

Write a template:

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Long (html) texts

Want complete plain text or html tagged articles?

Most of data have text associated with them: mini biographies for the user profiles, descriptions for the products and companies, etc. These are the abstract of the corresponding Wikipedia article (the part before the table of contents).

Also available to you are complete articles (both in plain text and with html tags) for a few Aesop's and La Fontaine's fables, or for hundreds of historical battles.

Fields to be included? (include at least an abstract or a content)



Want pictures?

Most of the data have pictures associated with them: photographs for the user profiles, logos for the companies, flags and maps for the countries, etc.

Also available to you are pictures and captions of buildings and lake around the world, with coordinates so you can place them on a map.

For example, some of the buildings:

name              country lat    long  file                                                      caption
Sagrada Família   Spain   41.40  2.17  Sagrada Familia 01.jpg                                    Sagrada Familia 01.jpg  View of the Passion Façade (Western side) in September 2009\n(cranes digitally removed)
Heraion of Argos  Greece  37.69  22.7  Heraion of Argos, Reconstruction on a 1902 painting.jpg   Heraion of Argos, reconstruction on a 1902 painting
Villa Olmo        Italy   45.81  9.06  Wikimania by Rehman - Wikimania Takes Lake Como (30).jpg  Villa Olmo


Fields to be included? (include at least a picture field)



Want to see random stuff on a map?

Choose a category of items and see them on a map! You can download the whole data set in the boxes above.

For example:

Choose a category:

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